November 13, 2006

Is Burrito a Dosa?

In the 70's, a sizable majority of the electorate in the world's largest democracy — India — naively confused [Indira] Gandhi with [Mohandas] Gandhi, and voted for the former, I am told. With no uniform convention regarding last name across that arguably the most diverse, but not very literate, country in the world, this would be hardly surprising.

Fast forward to the 21st Century USA, another great democracy, where you will be given a last name, if you didn't have one. So, what do politicians care? It's a piece of cake to change one's name for vicarious gains in visibility. That's precisely what William Fenrick allegedly did to contest an election for a county sheriff in Wisconsin, USA. He changed his name to Andy Griffith, the fictional sheriff of Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show, played by Andy Griffith. A clever ploy to capture the vote bank of Griffith's fans in their sixties and seventies, I guess. The real Andy Griffith was not amused, though, and did what many American do for a living — slapped the Fenrick-turned-Griffith with a lawsuit, claiming unspecified damages. Fortunately for him, the Fenrick-turned-Griffith didn't win, so he could plead that he didn't benefit from the name change.

Fenrick described the suit as "incredibly absurd" and said he does not believe the public is "so brain dead" that they might actually believe that he is the famous actor.

Perhaps, nobody told Fenrick that nearly 30% of the Americans did not know that the earth moved around the sun.

If it's hard enough to decide if Andy Griffith is Andy Griffith or not, how do you decide if a burrito is a sandwich or not? A judge in Massachusetts has ruled that it is not. A sandwich, after all, must have two slices of bread, for, how else can you declare that baloney is "sandwiched"?

"A sandwich is not commonly understood to include burritos, tacos and quesadillas, which are typically made with a single tortilla and stuffed with a choice filling of meat, rice, and beans," [Judge] Locke wrote in a decision released last week.

With the increasing popularity of burritos and tacos in this part of the world that I am currently visiting, the million dollar question will be, "Is burrito a dosa?"

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  2. No, nothing is a dosa unless it has rice or ragi or wheat as one of the ingredients and is made on a dosai kallu and the accompaniments define it too. Can burito be eaten with molagapodi or sambar or chutney?
    ( my having just reached the million dosa mark qualifies me to define it)


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