June 26, 2006

Benefits of Blogging

When I started blogging, I never thought there'd be more to it than what meets the eye. No, I am not talking about internet porn. A gem of an article that I stumbled upon in Science Daily, when I was googling Parkinson's disease, claims that writing down your thoughts and feelings about stressful events in your life reduces the severity of chronic diseases. It also helps to improve various health measures such as "heart rate, blood pressure, and immune function". Call to those lazy voyeurs out there who are happy just reading others' blogs — blog your thoughts or risk arthritis, asthma, and more! And worse, if you subscribed to Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection as I do, bloggers will prevail over voyeurs eventually. I bet the folks at Google Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad, WordPress, etc. are smiling!


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