May 30, 2006


I am not a poet, far from one, but couldn't resist writing this in reponse to the latest post, Clive Avenue, on Ageless Bonding -


Living in a suburb of Auckland,
Working for the Wall Street,
And spending the weekend in Bali!

Wearing a Kilt or a Kimono,
A pair of Sneakers,
And even a Feathered Headdress!

Having an Injira in Yosemite,
Sushi in Kilmanjaro,
And a Merlot on the Maladives!

Watching the sunset with Tess,
Laughing with Zhao,
And karaoke with Ayesha!

Marveling the Samurais of Kurosawa,
Scripted to Spielberg,
Through the lenses of Ray!

Curling up with Dostoyevsky,
Tuning to Neruda,
And dreaming the dreams of Bharathi!

Waking up with Hariharan,
Dancing to Samba,
And exulting in Femi Kuti!

Free to choose what I like,
Free to live where I like,
And free to die when I like!


1The title is credited to John Lennon's immortal song, Imagine.
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  1. Enjoyed it. Reminded me immediately of "sindu nadiyin misai nilavinile..." If we could blend the best of everything and have it all....Perhaps fora generation in the future...if we do all the right things?


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