April 5, 2006

Mari Boine Persen: Gula Gula

The album "Gula Gula" by Mari Boine Persen1 has 8 tracks of Sami music from the Samiland ("Lapland), in the northern parts of Scandinavia. My personal favorite is "Vilges Suola" or "White Thief". It's an energetic piece with shades of Tuvan music. The lyrics are beautifully written, evoking the rebellion seen in the compositions of John Lennon. Two tracks that took my breath away are reproduced below. The album is another milestone in my musical journey.

It Sat Duuolmma Mu
Free at last

Finally on the way back
On the way home
I travelled to get hold of the dreams
In your world
It was like chasing after rainbows
Now your dark boarding schools are collapsing
Your heavy law books are torn apart
Finally on the way home
Free at last.

Eadna Bakti
To Women

A song to you sister
To all of you who have borne the burdens
When others failed
To you who have and given
Without asking anything in return
Know that life itself is on our side
It gives strength to rise up anew
Know that you are a flower
Know that you are a bird
Oh, how appropriate the second song sounded, when I read this news story from (sic) Mother India, about a State textbook comparing housewives to donkeys.

1Mari Boine Persen: Gula Gula © 1990 IDUT/Real World Records Ltd.

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